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Why Las Vegas for 55 Plus Communities

Weather:  55+ers migrating to Las Vegas find weather that is close to ideal. When I migrated from the California Sierra foothills to Henderson in the Las Vegas metro area, I was pleased to find that weather was dry with only an average of 4 inches of rain per year.  Winter are absent of snow and of freezing. (MORE)  Summers are dry – not humid. Las Vegas Metro is cooler in summer than the Phoenix/ Tucson area and the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area.  The 55+ communities that I recommend -- higher in elevation than the Valley/Strip part of the Metro area – are cooler in the summer. Of course, Las Vegas does not have hurricanes, tornados, floods, snow storms or rain storms.

Costs:  Nevada residents benefit from no state income tax and no state inheritance.  This is because of the major share (about 38%) of state revenue being produced by the gaming/hotel sector. One of the states in significant contrast with that advantage is neighboring California – some 35-40 % of migration to NV. (California has state income tax up to 13% of taxable income. An advantage to Nevadans is that the NV state legislature is in session only 120 days of ever other year and is politically balanced and frugal, whereas the California legislature seems to be almost always in session and finding ways to spend taxpayers' dollars.

Entertainment:  Las Vegas is, of course, internationally famous for its gaming and its casino/hotel-provided entertainment.  This process is self funding, since the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors and Authority gets a sizeable share of hotel room rentals. And the LVCVA spends its funds very effectively – increasingly emphasizing food and retail as some bring empty suitcases (or buy them at the outlet malls) in order to bring stuffed luggage home. 

There is more to Las Vegas entertainment – something overlooked by prospective migrants but increasingly enjoyed by residents.  This includes the gorgeous Smith Center for the Performing Arts with its capacity of 2,050 in a luxurious symphony hall featuring touring Broadway plays plus two specializing performance spaces.  The Smith Center is the resident home to the Las Vegas Philharmonic and the Nevada Ballet Theatre. 

A blessing to 55+ers is that many of the hotel/casinos offer special pricing to those 50+ (movies, food, slot contests and performances, etc.  Las Vegas truly respects its residents.  Locals can enjoy two for one meals at many restaurants followed by discount and two for one tickets to many performances.  Las Vegas is certainly a bargain place to be entertained.   


Auto - Las Vegas is only 4 ½ hours by car from the heart of the Los Angeles residential basin. That's one main reason so many of the migrants are from CA. 

Air - Las Vegas is blessed with its major airport that is in the middle of the metro area.  McCarran International Airport has bargain ($10) economy surface parking with efficient, quick shuttle service.  I always use it.  It also has convenient passenger pickup including a waiting-in-car lane in the structure opposite baggage claim.  As one who has put up with long walks at other airports to fly or pick up guests, I truly admire the convenience of McCarran.  Tip:  If you take a cab to a Strip hotel, tell the driver to take you via Tropicana instead of through the tunnel to Highway 215.  It will save you the fare bump-up that cabdrivers cherish.  And, yes, we now have Uber & Lyft.  Fares between Las Vegas and cities throughout the U.S. are excellent, and international flights are growing rapidly. A new terminal is open – mostly for international carriers.  So, the terminals are numbered 1 and 3 – 2 is no longer used. You will find the McCarran complex to be very efficient for departures and arrivals.  A tunnel under one of the runways provides both airport access and a fast way to go north/south through Las Vegas. 

Ground-Local - On migrating here after many years in the San Francisco Bay area and the Los Angeles Westwood area, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to get around in Las Vegas by car. First, the streets are wide and the blocks are long, so there are left and right hand turn lanes at major cross streets – the street system is excellent. The highway system wraps the city but is not way out. Highway 215 along with Hwy 95/215 is a close-in loop freeway through Metro Las Vegas.  Interstate 15 goes north-south through Metro LV including just next to Las Vegas Blvd. and the Strip. Traffic moves well and fast with express lanes (Single occupant is OK -- no 2 or more passengers required.)  Las Vegas Metro is relatively compact with only approximately two million residents. Plus the 24 hour nature of hotel/casino employment means the commuting in LV is not bunched up with a 9-5 workday as it is in so many other cities (e.g. Los Angeles.)

These are only some reasons why you should move to Las Vegas.