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Why Soon

I do not want to be pushy.  I want to help you gain information about a possible move to Sun City Anthem and Sun City Summerlin within the bounds of your personal situations and your decision processes. In this portion of my website, I simply want to share with you my personal views about timing.

Las Vegas Housing Prices:
The local housing statistics show about a 6% reported increase in Las Vegas housing prices during 2015 and projections for about the same 6% annual rate of increase for 2016. I agree with this.  The economy of Las Vegas is strong.

Mortgage Rates:
National mortgage rates are near an all-time low at about 3.6% for a 30 year 20% down  mortgage.  The Federal Reserve Board has indicated a desire, but not yet taken action other than the one slight raise in December, 2015.  The FRB would like inflation to rise to 2%, but is concerned by slowness in U.S. Gross National Product (GNP) increase and that of European countries which is even slower. It is an excellent time to get a mortgage.

California Housing Prices and Living Costs:
Besides Nevada, I follow California more carefully than I do other states.  This is because the Los Angeles basin has a big population, high taxes and other living costs, expensive State and municipal gov't actions, and high home prices.  It is only 4- 4/12 hours drive from the LA basin to LV, so about 35% of migration to LV comes from that area.  I call Southern California "low hanging fruit" for LV's capture of migration – particularly of those 55+.  This will push up prices in the best age-qualified communities. Having examined in depth those communities in LV, it is clear to me that the two largest ones have the best facilities and clubs:  Sun City Anthem and Sun City Summerlin. They have availability in a wide range of house prices and are the best buys for those who qualify by age.